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Unfortunately I myself am not in possession of a "Staverse Jol". If there is somebody who is also interested in this type of ship, please send me an email: To see what is behind this homepage you can take a look at the pictures, click on Photo's. There are 2 pictures of the Staverse Jol "Bruinvis (owner W.J.Stolk)taken during a sailing contest at the Joh.vd.MeulenreŁnie. The Bruinvis has been desigend by J.Elsinga and was build at Sneek in 1980 by J.vd.Meulen. The pictures are made by R.de Jonge at Sneek. Also there are pictures"of the 8 m Staverse Jol "Zuiderzee" (HL38), designed by J.K. Gipon, build at "De Scheepsbouwers" in Werkendam in 2002/2003 in commission by R. van Heyst. If there are people who are willing to send pictures and/or data about the "Staverse Jol" :I shall be very grateful: I have the intention to assimilate the data in this homepage

For a description of a Staverse Jol you have to go to description. Especially the article by Dirk Huizinga is very informative For downloadsites, Dutch stuff as telephone, NS-travel planner, Boten te koop (=Ships \yachts for sale) and a lot more, handy links page, click on links. Sorry, but that part is in Dutch! For adds of Staverse Jol('s) for sale go to adds, click on Ads. In the magazine Spiegel der Zeilvaart there have been in the months January, March, April 2003 some articels about the Staverse Jol o.a. about the building of a steele example. I will try to put these articles, when there is permission, on the site.

For those who are interested in portrait-painting: www.addydebruin.nl is the site of Addy de Bruin, my wife.